Century Bond Issue

Debt Management and Capital Finance

The Debt Management and Capital Finance office under University Treasury supports the University’s capital plan by providing capital financing through the University’s Internal Bank.  The office works closely with University Facilities and develops the University’s debt strategy.  In addition, the office manages the issuance, compliance, and monitoring of the University’s external debt.

Internal Bank

The Internal Bank provides capital project financing for the University.  Capital projects are initiated through University Facilities and the Internal Bank secures funding from external and internal sources to make capital project loans to units.  The Internal Bank uses a blended rate for all capital loans to provide equity across units and greater certainty in capital budgeting.  For additional information on the Internal Bank Loan Program, please see the policy referenced below.

Bondholder Information


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University Credit Ratings

Rating Agencies Long-Term Outlook As of Date
Moody's Aa3 Stable February 25, 2020
Standard & Poor's A+ Negative October 16, 2020