Cash & Check Management Policies

As a collector of funds (whether cash, check, or credit card) or a distributor of funds (cash, checks, wire transfer, EFT, or gift cards), it is very important that you and your staff understand and follow the university policies associated with cash (including gift cards), check, and credit card handling. These policies are the minimal rules required. Departments may require compliance with more stringent rules. 

Failure to comply with these policies could have financial and/or legal ramifications for the department and the individuals involved and may result in the immediate termination of employment. Departments may want to review employee position descriptions to ensure cash handling responsibilities are outlined.

Employee Guidelines

After reviewing the following policy documents and memos, each employee handling cash, checks, gift cards, credit cards, or credit card information must sign an acknowledgement.  Any employee refusing to sign this letter should not handle cash, checks, gift cards, credit cards, or credit card information.  It is up to each departmental supervisor of each department to distribute this letter to employees, collect the signed copies of this letter, to make a copy of all signed letters for their departmental files, and forward the original letters to the University Treasury.  It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that signed letters are on file in the University Treasury for every employee that handles cash, checks, credit cards or credit card information. 

As employees leave or new employees (who will handle cash, checks, gift cards, credit cards, or credit card information) join the department, it is the responsibility of each departmental supervisor to notify the University Treasury. It is the responsibility of the department supervisor/manager to ensure all employees follow these procedures. Violations will be reported to Internal Audit and Public Safety for further investigations. Continued violations will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.